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DIY Linear Actuator Plans

DIY Linear Actuator Plans

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Disclaimer: Building and using a motion simulator can be dangerous if not used properly. The creator of these plans is not responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur during the construction or use of this product. The user assumes all risks and responsibilities associated with building and using the linear actuator, including but not limited to personal injury and property damage. The creator strongly recommends that the user follows all safety guidelines and regulations, and seeks professional assistance if necessary. The user should also ensure that the motion simulator is operated in a safe and controlled environment, away from any hazards or obstacles. By using these plans, the user acknowledges that they have read and understood this disclaimer, and agrees to use the linear actuator at their own risk.

Build and use this proven actuator design on your linear hexapod (Stewart platform) motion simulator project. Compatible with the most common 80ST or 90ST AC servo motor sizes (stepper motors are not recommended for a motion simulation application). The plans include 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm travel distance versions.

Any FDM style 3D printer and basic handle tools are all that is needed to complete this build. No cutting or drilling required. Multiple vendors are listed for each off the shelf component in the parts list.

This design uses our End Pivot on each end of the actuator to ensure you will never have a joint binding problem on your simulator.

Download Links

Assembly Instructions

Assembly Video

Full Plans (V2.0.2)

3D CAD Models (V2.0.2)

Mechanical Drawing

 Part Number Motor Size Travel  Dim "X" Dim "Y"
DR-DIY-PS400-80ST 80ST 400 1094 176
DR-DIY-PS500-80ST 80ST 500 1244 176
DR-DIY-PS600-80ST 80ST 600 1394 176
DR-DIY-PS400-90ST 90ST 400
1094 179
DR-DIY-PS500-90ST 90ST 500
1244 179
DR-DIY-PS600-90ST 90ST 600 1394 179

Note: All dimensions in millimeters (mm)

Performance Specs

 Specification Value
Peak Force (N/lbf) 4000 / 900
Sustained Force (N/lbf) 1400 / 315
Max Linear Speed (mm/s) 500

Note: Results may vary. These specifications are estimates based on the parts defined in the parts list. Deviating from the parts list may result in different performance.

Change Log

V2.0.2 (2022-03-06) - Added safety disclaimer.

V2.0.1 (2022-08-14) - Corrected part number for 27161-01 in parts lists. Added Austria, Germany, and U.K. supplier into parts lists for some parts. 

V2.0 (2022-08-13) - New motor mount, pulley cover, pulleys, and various hardware changes. This update enables the use of our aluminum pulleys. Full refresh on parts list and assembly instructions. Added print settings for bearing pads printed with Igus filament. Users who upgrade from V1 to V2 actuators (and use the same V1 aluminum profiles) will lose 10mm of travel due to aluminum profile length changes. 

V1.3 (2022-07-04) - Changed pulley cover screws from flathead to panhead to reduce risk of cracking pulley cover (PN 27163-01). Corresponding countersinks removed from pulley cover.

V1.2 (2022-03-31) - Changed nuts in timing belt pulleys to nylock nuts. Added two-part version of pulley cover (PN 27163-01) to allow printing without supports. Added notes in parts lists specifying new white color version of AASD servo without 10khz whine, suggestion to buy 4m or 5m shielded cables, and angular contact FK12 bearing. Added link to discord channel in parts lists and assembly instructions.

V1.1 - Corrected error in parts list, PN 27014-01 changed to 27161-01

V1.0 (2022-01-22) - Initial Release

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