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Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop

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Emergency Stop switch box compatible with Thanos Motion servo controllers. Includes selector switch to toggle motion On/Off. Red, amber, and green LEDs indicate the status of your motion rig. Ethernet cable not included.

Made in China

Flexible Mounting

Mount this switch box in any orientation with the adjustable mounting brackets. The included T-nuts are compatible with 40 series and 15 series T-slot extrusions. 

Mounting Orientations

Rugged Construction

The enclosure is custom manufactured from 1.5mm steel sheet. The switches are metal base, 22mm industrial switches.

What's Included:

 Part Quantity
Emergency Stop Assembly 1
M6 Button Head Screws 4
M6 Drop-in T-Nuts 4

Mechanical Drawing

Note: All dimensions in millimeters (mm)

Wiring Schematic

Controller Setup

The emergency stop switch is a NC (Normally Closed) switch. This requires the Thanos Motion controller to be changed from the default (Normally Open) configuration to work properly.

On the AMC-AASD15A controller:

  1. Spin knob until the display shows "Function of KLM". 
  2. Push in knob three times, until display shows "Switch Type:"
  3. Rotate knob to select "Closed" and push knob in to select

See Controller Setup Video for more information


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